The Perfect Ring Guarantees a Yes

Get a custom engagement ring in Scarborough, ME

You only propose to your significant other once, so why not propose with style? L & L Jewelers creates custom engagement rings and wedding bands for the Scarborough & Portland, ME area. We have an unparalleled selection of rings that we're positive will make your partner's jaw drop when you propose. We create every ring with a sleek, stylish diamond that's GIA-certified.

If you or your partner are seeking something a little more personal, our custom engagement rings will fit the bill. All you have to do is get in touch with one of our designers, and we'll take everything from there.

Call 207-303-3010 to order your engagement set today.

Understand the language of fine jewelers

When you walk into a jewelry store, you're usually confronted with dozens of different rings. Keep yourself from feeling lost by understanding the language we use to talk about our wedding bands.

Here's a quick guide:

  • Ring style: This covers the shape, size and make of the ring itself.
  • Diamond cut: This refers to the diamond's shape, such as round-cut.
  • Diamond color: Colorless diamonds are popular, but you have options.

Find the perfect ring for your engagement - visit our store today.