Create Your Own Dazzling Jewelry

Come to us for custom jewelry designs in Scarborough, ME

Don't fret if you can't find the perfect piece of jewelry for you - L & L Jewelers in Scarborough, ME has got you covered. We create custom fine jewelry that's sure to impress. Not only can you browse our unique selection of stock pieces, but you can also share your own ideas with us. Afterward, we'll get started on modeling your custom jewelry design with our 3D software. If you like what you see, we'll start building it right away.

Call 207-303-3010 today to explore your custom fine jewelry options with a team member.

Any style, any size

We always make custom fine jewelry to our clients' exact specifications. This includes the:

  • Size
  • Cut
  • Setting
  • Clarity
  • Carots
We can make silver, gold or platinum jewelry for you. All of our gold is at least 14K, so you know your piece will stun anyone you show it off to. Connect with us today to get started with your own custom-made jewelry.